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GPGPU Solutions

Available components and systems for GPGPU solutions:

  • Nvidia Jetson TX2 based systems:
    • EM-JetBox Passive cooled embedded GPGPU System
    • A177 Rugged passive cooled GPGPU Mini Supercomputer 
    • A176 Fully rugged GPGPU Mini Supercomputer
    • S-A1760 Radiation-characterized Space AI GPGPU
  • Nvidia Jetson Xavier based systems:
    • A178 Rugged Fan-less AGX Xavier AI Supercomputer
    • A179 Rugged passive cooled Xavier NX AI Supercomputer
  • Nvidia Jetson Nano based systems:
    • A200 Rugged passive cooled Nano GPGPU System
  • VPX Boards
    • C530 Rugged 3U VPX GPGPU board
  • GPGPU Systems
    • A191 GPGPU Based Rugged HPEC
    • A196 Rugged HPEC with GPGPUs
  • XMC Modules
    • M596 AMD Radeon E8860 (Adelaar) GPU module
    • X3N1050TI-LFA Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti GPU module

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